Monday, April 9, 2012

I can't wait for the 2012 Chicago Sexcon!

Got body paint?

The 2012 Chicago Sexcon is how I like to kick off every spring partying all night long the last Wednesday in April.  April 25th 2012 at 9pm will start the party that will make your New Year's Eve party go cry to its mother.  Three stages all with live music, live entertainment, going all night long.  Don't miss your chance to see all that Chicago and the Midwest exhibitors have to offer at the 2012 Chicago Sexcon!

Exhibitors from Chicago and the Midwest

I know I love going there because of all the people I get to meet every year.  That is the great thing about the Chicago Sexcon, everyone has the same attitude of living life to the fullest and not being ashamed of the human body or the natural way that all men and women feel about the opposite sex or the same sex it doesn't matter.  Part of living life to the fullest is being proud that you are a sexual being.  Set yourself free and see that you are not alone; experience The 2012 Chicago Sexcon with your friends, your lover or both!  There is no better place to live life to the fullest!  Get tickets before it is to late!  See you there April 25th 2012 Excalibur and Vision doors open @ 9pm!

Who knows what else you'll see

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vertical Pole Rocks!

This is our X - Pole we now have a X - Stage Lite.
I always wanted to try gymnastics when I was younger.  I played soccer, baseball, football, basketball, track n field, cross country, tennis, swimming, but no gymnastics.  Doing flips was what interested me the most when I was younger.  Now being strong and having a killer core is more interesting that I'm older.  Vertical Pole lends itself to strength, stamina, and flexibility.  The trick I want to master on the vertical pole is the flag.  The flag is where the vertical pole performer is extended from the pole by their arms horizontally.
Attempting a flag

This has been one of the most fun and effective exercise I have ever tried. I always thought that I had to go to a gym or be part of fitness club to get the fitness results that I want. Then I tried using a vertical pole and it puts my body weight to work creating strength and tone. Combining static pole moves with dynamic pole moves can also provide an excellent cardiovascular workout.  

As much of a flag as I could do.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I can't get enough Pancakes!

Toasted Walnut Pancake with sauteed honey crisp apples in  brown sugar cinnamon and butter
Toasted Walnut Pancake with sauteed honey crisp apples in  brown sugar cinnamon and butter
Cooking Pancakes never seemed so interesting to me before I started working at home.  I have been finally be able to appreciate cooking for my family  the way I did cooking professionally.  So I have been exploring all that I can about pancakes.  I have tried many different ways to make pancakes since I started cooking with my mom.  We would make them from scratch and we made them from a box.  Both store bought mixes and from scratch recipes are good for their own reason.  I prefer from scratch because I am not cooking in bulk.  If I were making pancakes for brunch for my extended family I would purchase a pre-made mix.  So I can see why stores would advertise box mixes for pancakes, waffles, and other baking items.  Since baking is a science and if your recipe adherence isn't strict the product may not turn out correct.  Hence pancakes although they are pan cooked they are still made with a leavening agent which require the proper balance to work.