Friday, March 30, 2012

I can't get enough Pancakes!

Toasted Walnut Pancake with sauteed honey crisp apples in  brown sugar cinnamon and butter
Toasted Walnut Pancake with sauteed honey crisp apples in  brown sugar cinnamon and butter
Cooking Pancakes never seemed so interesting to me before I started working at home.  I have been finally be able to appreciate cooking for my family  the way I did cooking professionally.  So I have been exploring all that I can about pancakes.  I have tried many different ways to make pancakes since I started cooking with my mom.  We would make them from scratch and we made them from a box.  Both store bought mixes and from scratch recipes are good for their own reason.  I prefer from scratch because I am not cooking in bulk.  If I were making pancakes for brunch for my extended family I would purchase a pre-made mix.  So I can see why stores would advertise box mixes for pancakes, waffles, and other baking items.  Since baking is a science and if your recipe adherence isn't strict the product may not turn out correct.  Hence pancakes although they are pan cooked they are still made with a leavening agent which require the proper balance to work.

A pair of blueberry pancakes
Blueberries in the bottom of a fruit pancake

So fresh this banana pancacke is piping hot!
The start to a perfect pancake, add fruit, chocolate chips, or mini marshmallows then flip
I've come to appreciate the versatility of the pancake and it's batter.  It can be a sweet short stack.  Tasty fruit filled or covered in raw or cooked fruit, maybe butter and maple syrup is the way you like your pancakes.  Maybe you make peanut butter and jelly with pancakes instead of bread.  Next maybe I'm going to make cinnamon toast out of pancakes.  I like to make a savory sandwich on a couple of plain pancakes spread mayonnaise and Dijon mustard with Turkey, Swiss, Arugula, Oven roasted tomatoes, and red onions.

Don't think that pancakes are only for breakfast they can make their way into any and every meal of the day you just need to be creative with your food!

A short stack of five plain pancakes, Yum!

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